Drinking this wonderful alkaline water that  springs to the surface naturally purified, enriched with gold and silver nanoparticles while crossing an ancient underground ore, the real source of wellness in a category of its own.


    Drinking   WATER,
do good for you and for nature.

   The water fountain emerges to the surface in a region called “Gold Hawk Mountain” where since Roman times men have harvested rare precious metal ore.
The underwater basin is located in an area dressed in endless and vibrant oak, beech and birch woods, arranged as some precious royal robes covering the shoulders of brave soldiers.
Away from any potential contamination sources, Aur’a is love at first taste.



Dr. Dyan Haspel Johnson
fashion designer in NY and Los Angeles , Ph.D. as a psychologist. 

The bottles are works of art. So elegant and beautifully designed. . I think the bottle design and logo are the highest quality! The water itself is absolutely lovely. It tastes clean and the flavor is almost sweet because it tastes so pure. The carbonation is so fine that it is smooth on the palate and very refreshing. 

Alan Keagy
IT Technician Specialist at Phalanx Technology Group

I love the water! First of all, it has a great appearance. The glass bottles and outer wrapper make for a great presentation. It has a sophisticated look. Aur’a Gold water is a very good brand of water. I can’t think of any complaints and I think that anyone who is served this water would be happy with its quality. I got a second opinion on the water and they also shared my sentiments, immediately noting how clear and light it was. 


Sean Crenny
Wine Director at Frame

I just had the pleasure of tasting the water. I did a proper tasting side by side with bottled brands and tap. Your water out performed them all. Especially with wine. The water made the wine and the food taste better. I also tasted with others who all agreed that the sparkling water was the best, most enjoyable sparkling that they have had. Mostly because of the mouthfeel of the bubbles. Your product is great, I can only hope the health benefits are as they say!